Thompson Clarke enjoys working across a range of industries, in both the Private and Government sectors.

Our experience includes but is not limited to the following case studies. Click on the headings for more information.

Private Sector

Adsteam Marine

Market research into the potential for coastal tug and barge services in Australia, conducted via face-to-face telephonic interviews with over 50 potential users of coastal tug and barge services.

Cairns Seaport

On behalf of Maunsell, a review of likely future shipping demand by sector and operator via field interviews as input to a new port strategic plan.

Kimberley & Northern Territory Shipper’s Group

An assessment of the commercial potential of a West Australian coastal liner shipping service between Fremantle and the Kimberley’s following the demise of State Ships.

Leighton Contractors/BHP/Newcastle Port Corporation

A market review of the commercial potential for the development of a $250 million Multi-Purpose Terminal on the site of the old BHP Steelworks on the Hunter River at Newcastle. Conducted via phone and face to face interviews with selected shipping liners, exporters, forwarders and inland transport operators.

National Rail Corporation

A review of international shipping services for the Australian automobile industry (manufacturers and importers).

Newcastle Port Corporation

A review of the long term demand for bulk cargo facilities at the port (excluding coal) via phone and face to face interviews with key cargo stakeholders in the greater Hunter Region and in the port’s natural cargo hinterland.

P&O Ports

An assessment of the market attractiveness and viability of an inland rail container depot for international container traffic at Chullora in western Sydney.

Port Kembla Port Corporation

A review of the potential for Kembla to replace Sydney as the NSW discharge port for the auto trade; whilst also exploring the potential to replace Sydney’s general cargo services at Darling Harbour and White Bay.


Public Sector


A census of non-SOLAS users of marine safety radio services, which involved extensive phone/boat ramp interviews of about 1000 commercial and recreational boat owners in Australia (in conjunction with Market Metrics).

Air Freight Export Council of NSW

A review of the competitive and operational potential for bimodal (air/sea or sea/air) services for perishable horticultural and meat exports from Australia to overseas markets, using a combination of face to face and phone interviews of air and sea carriers and key exporters in the horticultural and meat sector.

Australian Logistics Council (via the Department of Transport & Regional Services)

A review of the security issues and related potential improvements related to the Australian supply chain for High Consequence Dangerous Goods ( HCDG) moving in export and import containers (in conjunction with the Logistics Bureau). This was conducted via a survey of ocean carriers, terminal operators, lead transport companies, shippers and importers of such commodities.

Australian Maritime Engineering CRC

A review of the maritime engineering industry’s Research and Development priorities, conducted via meetings with the parties involved in a range of marine engineering applications (including shipping, small commercial vessels, ferries, trawlers, pleasure craft, offshore oil and gas, defence and renewable ocean energy).

Department of Industry, Science & Technology & the Indonesian Ministry of Industry & Trade

A review, conducted via field interviews and site visits, of the commercial collaborative opportunities for the Australian shipbuilding and ship repair industries and their Indonesian counterparts in the area of marine engineering; focussing on regional and coastal shipping, oil and gas, fishing and oil and gas sectors (in conjunction with PT Tri Hasta).

Marine Safety Victoria

Detailed investigations and reports into maritime incidents and accidents that have occurred in the state of Victoria.

MSA New Zealand

A review of 300 vessel operator attitudes to NZ Safe Ship Management policies and regulations (in conjunction with Market Metrics).

New Zealand Ministry of Transport & Maritime NZ

A review of the public and private sector funding of the Maritime Safety Agency, which incorporated face to face interviews on the efficacy of the agency with key stakeholders (ship operators and ports, carried out in conjunction with PWC).

Queensland Transport

A detailed review of port ownership models currently operating in the ports industry in Australia and overseas.

Sydney Ports Corporation

A review of the Ports’ potential as a Marine Transhipment Hub for the region, including determinants of shipping service patterns, both revenue and cost, via interviews (phone and face to face) with major trade operators. This included a review of port related issues, including port and terminal costs.

Tourism Queensland

The production of a guide for state municipalities and ports to the critical success factors in the development of cruise terminals – this entailed phone interviews with port corporations, tourism offices and other cruise industry stakeholders.

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